About Us


Some quick things to know about the founder and chief chandler:

  • I grew up on a farm (no overalls were worn)
  • I was always fascinated with the wild scents and trees that covered our acreage
  • My favorite plant is the foxtail palm, and that inspired our name
  • I draw inspiration for our scents and style from the subtle balance I see in nature. There is elegance everywhere in nature, and that leads me when mixing our wax and scent blends
  • We have an incredible fox sculpture candle and wax melt. His name is Fredric
  • We are the first candle company to make luxury wax melts.  Nobody asked for them, but I knew they needed to be made



The Elements. Foxtail Collection was sparked by a love of candles and home decor, but in the process, safety standards were put in place to ensure not only your enjoyment but also your health and happiness. For nearly a year, all my energy went into constantly experimenting to find the best and safest elements, which include the wax, wick, fragrances and vessel. 

I continue to nurture Foxtail’s growth by finding new vessels and fragrances to make your surroundings a better, more beautiful place with every strike of a match...


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